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Muskie Club Reunion 2008

The Datcha in Serebryanny Bor welcomed 120 alumni and guests for Muskie Club Reunion 2008, June 21.

Muskie Club (MC) reunions, also known as Muskie annual picnics, are always a special opportunity for alumni of international educational programs to reconnect, to catch up with news of their career moves and to have fun. For the venue of this event the Muskie Club thanks US Ambassador to Russia and the US Embassy in Moscow.

The members of the MC board greeted alumni and guests, reported on the main achievements of the Club and introduced plans for the future events and opportunities. Dmitry Vishnyakov, Chairman of the MC board, encouraged to contribute to the Club's growth and developement, to become members of the Muskie Club recognizing the importance of alumni's personal involvement in valuable and influential acts reaching the goals of the Muskie Club.

The greeting was followed by the invitation to enjoy the festivities, including fun events, such as a Business card lottery, swimming party, volleyball, tennis, unforgettable shashliks (BBQ) and the wine testing. The exciting ruffle of prizes for the business card lottery was kindly produced by sponsors of the event. Muskie Club greatfully acknowledged the contributions of Hewlett-Packard, VISA, Monitor Group, Procter&Gamble, Diageo and thanked 'LegaLifa LLC' for continuous support to the club.

The MC events are always a great opportunity for alumni to socialize and an outstanding chance to meet new alumni and special guests, at this reunion among them were Ms. Patricia Cloherty, Chairman and CEO of Delta Private Equity Partners (DPEP), Ms. Tova Pertman, IREX Representative, and representatives of the US Embassy, Ms. Anna Poplavka and Mr. Geoffrey Anisman.

Muskie Club - Alumni Association of International Educational Programs - is an independent, non governmental and membership based organization. Muskie Club was founded in October 2006 by an initiative group of alumni. The core of the groups are graduates of the Edmund Muskie Graduate Fellowship program but the Club membership is open to alumni of other international educational programs. The mission of the Club is to unite alumni of educational programs into a vibrant, sustainable and influential community in Russia and beyond.

Thanks to all who came to Serebryanny Bor to celebrate our reunion! And a very special THANK YOU to the MC coordinator, Hadija Gipaeva! Withought her dedication and efforts, Muskie Club reunion would not have been possible.

Become a member of Muskie Club and stay tuned for announcements of future events!

WEB: muskie club
LJ: muskie_club

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